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Canadian Web Hosting Gives Back by Supporting Local Non-Profits

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Canadian Web Hosting believes in supporting organizations that focus on causes that are meaningful to our customers and community.

We’re expanding our community outreach programs and helping local non-profit organizations and charities through partnerships, volunteerism, and corporate donations to give back to the local communities including Union Gospel Mission and Canucks Autism Network.


[epq-quote align=”align-center”]“We’re big supporters of local non-profit organizations, particularly ones that are meaningful to our employees,” says Canadian Web Hosting Community Manager, Sheila Wong. “Whether we’re donating time, money, or other valuable resources, giving back brings the community closer together and helps us focus on causes we believe in. In particular, we’ve been supporting lots of organizations that help kids in our communities.”[/epq-quote]


One area of focus is sports. Sports are essential in the lives of children for many reasons and helps promote mental and physical health, build self-esteem, facilitate friendships, and develop teamwork skills. Despite the countless benefits of participation in sports, not all families can afford it. That is why Canadian Web Hosting takes great pride in supporting non-profit organizations and associations that work towards helping children (and adults) participate in sports.

The Society for Kids at Tennis (KATS) is one of the organizations supported by Canadian Web Hosting. Based in Victoria, KATS provides children in poor financial circumstances and children with developmental disabilities with the opportunity to play tennis for free. Working with 36 partner organizations to deliver its programs, including the City of Victoria, low-income schools, social agencies, community centres, and municipal recreational centres, KATS fosters the physical, emotional, and social well-being of disadvantaged youths. In just three years, KATS has helped over 4,000 youths participate in fun, inclusive environments to nurture good sportsmanship and celebrate improvements to boost their self-esteem.


Society For Kids at Tennis

Society For Kids at Tennis – Inter-Cultural Association tennis class in session!


As more than 1/3 of Canadian children are unable to participate in sports due to financial barriers, Athletics 4 Kids (A4K) has made it their mission to provide funding assistance to ensure all B.C. children have access to organized sports; they support kids in over 40 different kinds of athletic pursuits, both team (like basketball and hockey) and individual activities (like swimming and gymnastics). A4K is a charity based in Vancouver that has been helping financially disadvantaged children enroll in sports since 2002. To date, A4K has helped thousands of families bear the expense of having their children get active in sports.

Canadian Web Hosting is attending A4K’s third large fundraising event this year: the A4K Charity Boxing Gala. “While we have hosted our annual Gala in West Vancouver for the past 14 years, this is our first Gala held at the Molson Canadian Theatre, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, and we are very excited! Our goal is that another 200 to 300 children will be able to participate in sports next year because of the funds that we raise from the Hard Rock event this year,” says A4K’s Executive Director, Sandy Hancock. The evening will be packed full of entertainment, cocktail receptions, gourmet dinner, silent and live auctions, and amateur boxing matches.


Sledge hockey

Paralympic Sports Association: Victory for the Blades team after their sledge hockey game!


The newest addition to the Canadian Web Hosting Sponsorship family, Paralympic Sports Association (PSA) is an organization dedicated to enhancing the social, physical, and mental health of children and adults with a disability through adapted recreational and sporting activities. PSA is a registered charity that offers over a dozen different adaptive sports, is working in 5 communities across Alberta, and partners with over 50 different business and organizations to achieve its mandate. PSA has been at the forefront of adaptive sport in Alberta since its beginning, creating many of the first adaptive sports programs in the province, such as sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball and athletics.


[epq-quote align=”align-center”]“The organization has undergone many changes throughout the decades and is currently focused on providing grassroots sport and recreation opportunities. We pride ourselves on offering quality programming that helps our members develop into fully participating members of the community,” says PSA’s Executive Director, Amy MacKinnon.[/epq-quote]


Canadian Web Hosting is proud to support such wonderful organizations working for the betterment of the world, and wants to encourage giving back as well.

To learn more about KATS, visit their website, Twitter, or Facebook.

To learn more about A4K, visit their website or Facebook.

To learn more about PSA, visit their website, Twitter or Facebook.

Check out our full press release here.


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