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What is Windows Hosting?

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When you choose to host a website, you have two different ways to go about it: Linux or Windows web hosting. When choosing between the Windows and Linux options, you are deciding on the operating system that your website will run on. Typically, most people host on a Linux server because hosting on Windows cost more and is often less stable. However, your business still might be better suited for Windows. The type of hosting you choose will depend on the purpose of your website, goals, and business. So, let’s see if Windows hosting is the right option for you.

Why Should You Use Windows Hosting?

The important selling factor of Windows hosting is the compatibility with other Windows tools. For example, if you built your website using ASP.NET, then Windows hosting is required. Also, the same applies to companies using Microsoft structured query language (SQL) and Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint. The benefit of having Windows hosting when you use all of Microsoft’s services is that it all works together cohesively. But even better, you can be sure that whenever the operating system or any other program requires an update, the rest of the programs will still be operating normally because everything is under the Microsoft umbrella. This means that when one program updates, other programs that depend on the updated program will not lose functionality and still be operative which is not always the case with Linux hosting. Microsoft issues updates for their programs as opposed to Linux where bugs are reported and then patched.

If you decide on using Windows hosting, you also have to use the Plesk control panel. The benefit of using Plesk is a control panel that is considered to be easier to use and simpler to understand as opposed to cPanel. However, on a VPS, you have the option of choosing which control panel you would like to use.

Plesk is much more user friendly and is geared for commercial websites and app owners. Plesk has a variety of extensions that can improve and customize your website to your liking and are categorized by appearance, mail, SEO and more, even including a “Fun” category.

People also prefer to go with Windows hosting because it allows for people to connect to the server using a remote desktop for a VPS. Linux on the other hand, can only be connected to via a command –line.

What are Some of the Drawbacks of Windows Hosting?

The first drawback is the security behind Windows hosting. Websites hosted via Windows operating system have been known to be victims of hacker attacks. As a result, the reputation of Windows hosting is that it is not as secure as Linux.

However, there is also more to security than your hosting choice. For example, you may have no other security measures in place making your website more susceptible to cyber criminals. The absence of a firewall or VPN exposes you to threats that otherwise would not be able to reach you. Many security measures can be taken to ensure your website is staying cyber safe.

Finally, Windows hosting may be less stable than Linux. Windows servers can struggle when handling a large number of apps or tasks at a time. However, this problem can be mitigated by choosing the right web hosting provider who ensures a 99.99% uptime. Canadian Web Hosting is extremely reliable and performs any maintenance issues quickly allowing you to reach your online goals.


In conclusion, businesses who rely on Microsoft tools and applications should choose Windows hosting over Linux. You should also choose Windows if you plan on connecting to the server remotely with a VPS. One thing to consider when choosing a Windows hosting provider is to guarantee that all your applications and tools are compatible with the servers you are hosting on. Moreover, choose a host that is known to have good customer service due to the minor stability problems that Windows hosting has. Finally, consider getting extra security add-ons that further protect your site from cyber attacks.

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