Nameshield renews its ISO 27001 certification - Domains and Hosting

Nameshield renews its ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 - Nameshield renews its ISO 27001 certification

Nameshield Group is an expert in domain names, DNS, TLS/SSL certificates management.

Through our experience gained from world-renowned customers with ever-increasing security requirements, we have also become technical experts in Information security. That is why we have implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

In 2017, we obtained the ISO 27001 certification of this ISMS for our activities of domain names portfolio, DNS and TLS/SSL certificates management. Nameshield Group has thus become the sole French registrar ensuring such a level of security for its customers.

Since then, our employees involved in the ISMS continuously contribute to the constant improvement of our security arrangements.

An analysis of the risks and their processing, according to the Ebios method, answer to our security goals and those of our clients.

We permanently adapt to security, performance and sustainability needs. It results in the deployment of more secure products and services, with higher added values, that meet our clients’ expectations more and better.

We know how to mobilize ourselves in case of incidents and learn to always do better by analyzing the processing of each alert.

We have and control a business continuity plan. Therefore, we are able to carry out our activities remotely (backup site, telecommuting, redundant servers…), whatever the threats.

Information security is the DNA of Nameshield Group and all its employees.

Logically, our ISO 27001 certificate has been renewed for 3 years in last February without any non-compliance nor comments being notified.

This international recognition ensures you:

  • An availability rate (domain names management platform and DNS Premium)
  • Tests implementation allowing us to permanently review ourselves and anticipate incidents
  • The raising awareness of all Nameshield employees to all Information security aspects
  • The reliability and performance of our system
  • The study of our experience feedbacks to continuously improve our security and thus yours

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