The shutting down of, the “involuntary single” website - Domains and Hosting

The shutting down of, the “involuntary single” website

The shutting down of, the “involuntary single” website
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As a result of the violation of the anti-abuse policy, the .me registry decided to suspend the website for an indefinite period. For reminder, the website possesses a forum that regroups members claiming to be single despite themselves, or “incels”, and who exchange on their daily lives through this mean.

Disturbing comments, the source of the suspension

It is not without surprise that the administrators of the website saw their forum become inaccessible. The investigations done by the registry have allowed to discover hate speeches, threats of rape and even murder in the comments exchanged between the participants. The decision to shut down the website was promptly made on October 15th, 2018, due to the content that violated the anti-abuse policy. According to the registry, this measure was taken to force the administrators to take down the inappropriate contents and to prevent hate speech from appearing on the forum again. website associated to attacks?

Last April, Toronto was the scene of a bloody attack, where a man murdered 10 persons by a vehicle-ramming attack. Before attacking, the man posted a message on social networks, where he declared himself “incel”. This is only after the investigation that the police discovered that the murderer was inspired by some violent contents from the forum of The link is quickly made between the individual and the content inciting hatred, but also rape, exchanged on the forum. financed by a Chinese giant with suspicious activities

The inquiries launched on the website allow to trace back to its main financier. Thanks to these investigations, we know today that the website is financially supported by a big Chinese entity that in parallel owns more than 54 000 other domain names. The investigators were shocked by the potential of illicit nature of this company’s activities, ZhuHai NaiSiNike Information Technology Co. Indeed, on the thousands of domain names registered, the major part is involved in websites hosting of prescription drugs’ illegal sale.

Despite the suppression requests of the abusive comments present on the forum, the Chinese company didn’t proceed to the removing. The website will thus remain suspended until the removing of the litigious contents.

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